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Führerschein-bestehen.de is the right choice, if you want to pass the theory exam successfully at first attempt! And it is incredibly cheap: The registration for 1 month and the license class B (car) in English is available for only 19,99 Euro. The same package for 3 months is also a great deal - only 39,99 Euro for 3 months! But that's not all: If you fail the theory exam at first attempt, you'll get your money back! Sounds fair, right?

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The most important features:

All license classes

Every combination of license classes possible! All classes available with basic and specific material.
Overview over all license classes

Layout of the PC-Prüfung

Since we offer the official layout of the PC-Prüfung, you'll be able to get used to the common usage of it.

Fullscreen mode

The fullscreen mode uses the whole size of your monitor. Just like in the real PC-Prüfung.

Test simulations

Simulate as many tests as you want to in two different difficulty levels. Deepen your knowledge with special sheets.

Latest list of questions

With Führerschein-bestehen.de you prepare yourself with the latest video questions. Changes of the list of questions are included just in time.

Online explanations

With just one click you'll get explanations to the most questions. Only available in german.

Money back guarantee

You failed the exam? Almost impossible, but no problem: You'll get your money back!

Prepare yourself online for the theory exam.

Learn online and be successful With Führerschein-bestehen.de you can prepare yourself online for the theory exam. Führerschein-bestehen.de offers the official TÜV layout of the PC-Prüfung. This helps you getting used to the common usage of the interface, so that you will have no problems when it comes to the real theory exam. Another advantage of Führerschein-bestehen.de is the implemented logic, that supports your individual learning issues. Difficult questions are recognized automatically and will be presented more often. That's a real efficient way of learning the questions in short time. Our prices are low and we offer a money back guarantee if you should fail the exam.

Führerschein-bestehen.de is much more than just another online learning system. The whole driver's license online learning system is tailored to your individual needs. All we want, is preparing you for the theory exam, the best we can. Since a lot of people asked us to translate our system to english, we decided to do that. Unfortunately, the online textbook with explanations to the most questions could not be translated and is only available in german.

Learning online is faster and much more successful.

Money back guarantee Our experience with Führerschein-bestehen.de demonstrates it: Learning the questions for the driver's license online is a very efficient and successful way of preparation: Our money back guarantee has been used only a very few times since we started our business in the beginning of 2010. We estimate a success rate of 99%! In other words: Almost every learner, that used Führerschein-bestehen.de has passed the theory exam successfully at first attempt!

Prediction of the theory exam date.

Prediction If you decide to prepare yourself for the theory exam with Führerschein-bestehen.de you will profit of our special features that will support you in the learning progress. Just like our prediction of the best date for the theory exam. With each edited question sheet we re-calculate the date on which you should be prepared best for the theory exam.

Test simulations.

Test simulations Führerschein bestehen offers you the possibility of Test simulation in two difficulty levels. These test simulations are generated by taking account of your individual skills. A difficult test simulation will use especially those question, you had the most trouble with. This is some kind of worst case scenario that you can simulate here. Take the results as a feedback of your current preparation state for the theory exam.